Create a MySQL Query Based Table with wpDataTables

Please note: Using this plugin feature requires at least a basic knowledge of SQL. It is assumed that you can create the table in some MySQL data manager (e.g., PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench), and prepare a SQL query that will return the data you need. If you do not know how to use MySQL, refer to the “Create a MySQL-query-based table by generating a query to MySQL database” section. It will explain how to create complete tables or MySQL queries without this basic knowledge. Please be advised that preparing MySQL queries for you is not included in the plugin support, but it can be done as a paid customization service.

wpDataTable MySQL integration

MySQL is a powerful, yet free, SQL-based database engine. It allows you to create both small and very large databases, and to create, read, and edit data in these databases quickly and effectively. That’s why it has been the #1 database engine in the web for many years. Even WordPress runs on MySQL.

wpDataTables is deeply integrated with the MySQL engine. It allows you to display results of SQL query in a table, you can use MySQL server to do searches/filters/sorting/pagination for large datasets, it allows front-end (and back-end) editing of MySQL tables, creating MySQL tables from back-end, importing CSV or Excel to editable MySQL tables, generating SQL queries with visual constructor, and much more.

Whenever your data set grows to more than a few hundred rows, and when you need better performance, MySQL-based wpDataTables is the way to go.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a wpDataTable based on a query to a MySQL table.

You can download the SQL dump for this sample “dummy employees” table from this link and import it to your MySQL server using PHPMyAdmin or other software, to repeat the tutorial steps.

Let’s create the table first, as demonstrated in the following step-by-step tutorial.


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